Difficult to Easy.

Complexity to Simple.

We provide the tools needed for this purpose.

Many people company where they work.
Accounting is essential to the company. Also, a public institution, you will be asked to voice concerns about the financial collapse at home and abroad. I feel in Japan, throughout the world, and does not penetrate accounting.

Accounting is the same as the languages ​​and technologies.
Can not handle a tool called the accounting, become a stumbling block in order to provide excellent service and products should not be.

Why not have enough knowledge of accounting why?

The first is from the few opportunities to learn accounting.
In the same way to study mathematics and language and history, if there is a chance to learn about, and double-entry bookkeeping and calculation of compound interest to anyone making an investment decision, you will more different world.

The second is also confusing because trying to learn accounting.
For the first time when I was studying bookkeeping, and what's not difficult to understand academic, was shocked....

Third, do not understand the technology of personal computers and smartphones educational institutions.
Age more easily, anyone can learn the accounting is coming.

So do not start anything have been waiting, I decided to make from scratch.

Until the day the world can be easily understood by anyone accounting, we will challenge.

Company Name willsi corporation
Founded Mar 30, 2012
Office Address 1-18-7-601 Suehiro, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
Representative Yudai Yoseda, President and CEO (CPA)
Main Business Application software planning, development and sales.
Planning, management of accounting training event.
Website http://willsi.co.jp/

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